What changes?

Old swimming pool? worn off coating? tired filtration system? Want a change, renovate or modernise your swimming pool?

Because Aquarêve masters all the aspects and all jobs around swimming pools, Aquarêve has got a global vision and can advise you the most regarding your renovating project.

Qu’il s’agisse d’une rénovation totale, ou simplement de petits changements tels que:

Whether it is a total relooking or simply small changes like :

Pool surrounds

Submerged beach remplacement

Heat pump or automatic cover

Automatisation of desinfection system

Change the color

Change levels

Add stairs

Create an overflow

Aquarêve will advise you the most to answer your new needs. Trust a Swimming pool professional to engage in your swimming pool taking into account the project as a whole and who masters the different jobs. By doing this, you can anticipate all the issues surrounding the specificity of your swimming pool.


Total renovation

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