Qualifications & Warranties

Our qualifications

Aquarêve puts its technical know-how and engages with you to secure the success of your project.

Aquarêve is a member of la FPP

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Aquarêve is a company certified by Qualibat

Aquarêve engages to propiscine charter: engagement Propiscine


Aquarêve hires technicians with a wimming pool diploma of State.


“We ensure our obligations, to guanranty your peace of mind”

Detail of the 10 year garanty : “The article 1792 of the Civil code, engages the responsibility of the manufacturers, over a period of 10 years following the reception, in case of damage susceptible to compromise the solidity of the work or to make it unfit for its destination:  This is the 10-year garanty   So, every manufacturer of work whose responsibility can be committed in conformance to this guarantee, necessarily has to sign an insurance policy (Art L 241-1 of the Code of the insurances) to guarantee this responsibility: This is the 10 year insurance   For that reason Aquarêve signs a  contract, with the company CENTRED Insurances which covers:

  • THE PROFESSIONAL INSURANCE RC of the risks connected to our activity


Be carefull!

Numerous of industrial manufacturers of processes of construction announce a Ten-year Insurance “Manufacturer” on their process. This one does not cover the disorders resulting from a bad implementation of their process by the builders. It must not be thus merged with a Ten-year Insurance “Builder” who, it alone, covers the responsibility of the process.

It is of an indisputable interest to verify the Ten-year insurance certificate and Professional RC of the builders to whom you ask for estimate.