Aquarêve mission statement


Aquarêve purpose is to design/conceive, realise, renovate, equip, repair, take care of swimming pools on the Costa Riviera, and obtaining customer satisfaction for doing so.

To do so, we are attempt that the energy, the know-how, the implication and the will to progress of our teams be focused on that very customer satisfaction.


We are always seeking technical and organisational techniques existing or to be created to offer our realisation more esthetic, more comfort, more simplicity of use, more quality and more security.

The hearts of our engagement are: the human respect, the environmental respect, the respect the rules of our job.

The direction of our actions is driven by: a deep understanding of our customers desires and needs, enlighten and objective advices, honest dialog and a will to realise what is best suited to the situation.

Every day we are thriving to put our know-how at the service of your dreams.