Your dreams, our expertise

Unique designs for exceptional pools

 Aquarêve creates innovative and made-to-measure swimming pools by adapting to your tastes and needs.

A mastery of all the skills

Aquarêve integrates all the professions around the pool: design, construction, renovation, equipment, services, maintenance and store. Thus, you can count on our experienced professionals for all your projects and needs. Our technicians are committed to the company’s CSR policy as well as to its “Charter for a Quality Work Site”.

A real ten-year guarantee

Aquarêve will accompany you over the long term and become your partner by committing to the quality of all its services. We are committed to your side thanks to our ten-year warranty: 10 years of peace of mind on the structure and waterproofing. Aquarêve is a QUALIBAT® and ProPiscine FPP certified company, the quality references for a company committed to excellence.

A service that is committed to you

Aquarêve is a trustworthy partner who commits itself to your side in order to offer you a satisfaction that meets your expectations. A unique contact person is dedicated to each customer during the whole project, for a follow-up as close as possible to you. Committed to an important social policy, Aquarêve puts the customer at the heart of its priorities. Its teams are trained and motivated to be your privileged partners throughout the construction of your pool. Aquarêve is also a store ideally located in Antibes which ensures continuity of service throughout the year. Our consultants and technicians are also able to come to your home to better meet your expectations.