Your dreams, our expertise

Reliability, Quality and Creativity

Respecting these values, defined collectively, is our collective commitment. For each project, we mobilize our expertise, our resources, our unique know-how, our enthusiasm and our creativity. We carry out for and with you, the construction, renovation or equipment projects for swimming pools and spas.


Member of the professional network L’Esprit Piscine, Aquarêve designs reliable and sustainable swimming pools adapted to the lifestyle and comfort of their users.

Conscious of the energy challenges, the design offices of our network have developed a low-consumption swimming pool in reinforced concrete. It is robust, modern and allows to control its environmental impact. Each proposed technology is subject to technical validation by a control office which demonstrates its real benefits.

Since 2000, Aquarêve has developed and acquired unparalleled experience in the category of exceptional pools on the French Riviera.


A company on a human scale, Aquarêve places customer service at the heart of its values and priorities. The company takes ownership of your project and supports you until it is completed. It strives to monitor your satisfaction throughout the work experience. Our teams ensure your project and its success. They support you to make the most of your facilities, whatever their nature (family pool, extraordinary pool, renovation and enhancement of your old pool, maintenance, etc.).

To respect the values of Quality and Seriousness of our group, our pool specialists agree to follow the quality charter of our network Esprit Piscine. They also agree to follow the “Charter for a quality project” implemented within Aquarêve. This charter includes:

  • The conception of a personalized study of your project
  • Project management for the entire market
  • The application of a rigorous sales procedure: detailed quote, order form, establishment report, reception report, etc.
  • Construction in the state of the art
  • The possibility of monitoring your pool


Creativity and innovation are our core values.

We are demanding. We know that the swimming pool is a key element of the desires and projects of our customers and that it is a decisive point in the heritage value of a property. But beyond all these challenges, both personal and economic, it is our duty to be part of an eco-responsible approach. This is why we are in constant search of creativity and innovation.

Our experiences and our inter-professional exchanges allow us to constantly innovate in the design, layout and equipment of our achievements. The implementation of the latest innovations for a pool that is as environmentally friendly as possible is part of this line.