Pool Covers

Committed to an eco-responsible policy, the company Aquarêve encourages the installation of a cover on the pools that it builds, renovates or maintains.

What type of cover for your pool?

Isothermal cover

Warmth and cleanliness
Often called a “bubble pack solar blanket”, this cover contains thousands of air capsules enclosed between layers of polyethylene film. It heats the water, limits the evaporation of the water in the pool, protects the body of water from impurities and dirt and can, depending on the model, allow significant savings in treatment products. This cover, usually installed on a reel at the end of the pool, is not a safety equipment.

CAUTION: The bubble cover is not compatible with safety devices operating by chop detection.

There is a wide range of isothermal covers. Our consultants here to help you choose the equipment that suits your needs.

From taking the pool measure to delivery and installation, our teams can adapt the installation service to your conditions.

The winter cover

Protection and security
The winter cover is installed at the end of the swimming season and is removed in the spring. It is fixed on the copings.

This winter cover has a dual function. It constitutes a safety equipment in accordance with regulations and protects your swimming pool from algae and external pollution. There is a wide range of winter covers. Our consultants are here to help you choose the equipment that suits your needs.

The bar cover

Protection and security in all seasons
The bar cover is a simple and effective way to durably protect and secure your pool. Bar covers are ideal for everyday use in spring and summer. It also allows you to winterize your pool in peace to find clear water as soon as the good weather comes back. Tailor-made, it is perfectly adapted to the dimensions of your pool, in accordance with the safety standard NF P 90-308 relating to the law on the safety of private pools.

The automatic aboveground shutter

Protection, security, savings, ease of use

Composed of articulated PVC blades filled with air floating on the water and a motorized reel, the automatic swimming pool cover is a multi-function equipment:


It is safety equipment that complies with the swimming pool safety standard. Its simple handling makes it easy to use.


The automatic shutter reduces water consumption. The cover prevents evaporation, and allows a reduction in the consumption of treatment products.

Protection of the body of water

A real shield against dust, plants, insects, this component prevents your body of water from being polluted.

Maintains the temperature

The safety flap, when it is closed, allows you to store the calories in the water. It thus prolongs the swimming season of swimming pools not equipped with heating and constitutes the essential complement of a heated swimming pool. It is a major element of a low consumption swimming pool.

Useful in all seasons

The automatic shutter, safety equipment all year round, allows you to simply winterize your pool when the swimming season is over. Simple to close and secure, it ensures quality wintering. Our maintenance contracts provide regular monitoring, wintering and summering of your pool. They can ensure the proper installation and maintenance of your shutter and other treatment devices. Do not hesitate to ask us questions.

Electric or solar power

The range of shutters, their technicality and their aesthetics is wide. Our advisers are here to consider with you, the shutter most suited to your needs.

The submerged automatic shutter

Secured but also aesthetically discreet.

The submerged shutter is the ultimate in pool protection. It is an underwater safety shutter, tailor-made. It integrates into the pool in many ways.

Unlike the aboveground shutter, the submerged shutter is invisible when the pool is open. It is indeed wrapped in an immersed trunk, located on one side of the pool. If different technical solutions exist, they can rarely be applied to an existing swimming pool without interventions on the structure and sealing of the swimming pool. The installation of a submerged shutter therefore requires an in-depth feasibility study. We have the expertise to serve you.


The submerged shutter - The perfect integration

The shutter box is located inside your pool, under a submerged area that can become the first step of the stairs. This area can be clad in wood, stone or composite siding. It is compatible with mirror or infinite pools. In the rolled up position, the shutter is invisible.


The submerged pit shutter with beams and duckboards - The traditional one

The curtain is rolled up in a submerged chest located at the end of the pool and covered by a grating supported by a beam.


The shutter at the bottom of the pool - The discrete one

The structure at the bottom of your pool allows you to benefit from the entire surface of your pool. Perfectly integrated, it preserves the aesthetics of your environment. It is compatible with swimming pools to be built or for existing swimming pools.


The Wally® submerged shutter - The innovative and invisible one

The shutter is rolled up in a submerged recess, located at the end of the pool. It is compatible with mirror or infinite pools. It is completely invisible, without gratings and without footprint and has a self-cleaning recess and has no visible impact.

The slats can be made of opaque PVC, or polycarbonate to capture solar energy to heat the pool water.

We are constantly on the lookout for the best technologies in terms of resistance, reliability, longevity and ecological impact for the products we are installing. Our consultants and technicians will be able to inform and serve you. Aquarêve is committed to an eco-responsible policy, and favors these latest generation blades, exclusive to the Breton company DEL.