Spare parts

Professionals to help you out

We carefully select our spare parts and replacement equipment to ensure you a better product quality and guarantee optimal longevity.

Spare parts for your pool

We have available in our workshop the following parts: projector bulb, skimmer part or flap, bottom drain grating, broom plug or wintering plugs, etc.

Replacement parts for your filtration

For your filtration, the following parts are available in our shop: strainer and filter cover, pump basket, gasket, condenser and also programming clock, etc.

Spare parts for your cleaning robot

Net or cassette basket, belts and tracks, Polaris parts or even robot wheels can be changed in our workshop.

Factory parts of your automatic processing

You will also find analysis and temperature probes, connection tubes and injectors, electrolyser cells, etc. in our shop

Why choose Aquarêve?

Our Boutique, ideally located in Antibes with its free private parking is open all year round without any winter break. For your outdoor or indoor, private or public pools, we are truly at your service. Our advisers are professional and able to best meet your needs for parts for your pool equipment.