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For hotels, spa centers, guest houses, condominiums, campsites, senior residences, “wellness” centers, sports and fitness clubs … We share our know-how and our creativity to satisfy both the operator and the users.


What are the specificities of a collective swimming pool?

Meeting specific standards in terms of pool, equipment, filtration, signage or safety, the indoor or outdoor collective swimming pool must be designed and built by experienced professionals. Aquarêve and its network l’Esprit Piscine are experts in this area.

We support you from the beginning to design the project and define a structure that complies with all the regulations governing collective swimming pools.

During the study phase of these swimming pool projects, Aquarêve sets up a real partnership with its customers. We work as closely as possible with our customers to meet their needs and desires, and to make this swimming pool space a real added value for your customers, subscribers, members and a major asset for your establishment or residence.

What equipment can you add?

There are few limitations regarding the imagination of equipments for your collective swimming pool. Multiple pools, bubble pool, jet pool, playground, access for people with restricted mobility, waterfall, heating, cover … but also foot baths and showers.

Aquarêve is committed to an eco-responsible policy and will be able to offer you all the existing equipment and accessories to reduce the ecological impact of your pool, and your related consumption.

What is the approach of Aquarêve – L’Esprit Piscine?

In addition to the architect’s work, we offer to carry out studies specific to your project:

  • Study of hydraulic networks
  • Study of air and water treatment
  • Realization of the file intended for the regional public health authorities (ARS)
  • Thermal study for heated swimming pools
  • Proposal of compliant, robust and aesthetic materials

A large number of constraints apply to these swimming pools opened to the public. Aquarêve has the expertise in this type of work.

Because collectivity does not prevent elegance and design, discover our swimming pools, real spaces of happiness for their users.