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Eau de piscine verte et trouble : Causes et traitements​

Green and cloudy water : Causes and treatments

It is never pleasant to wake up and see your pool become cloudy, milky or green. Don’t panic, it can happen to anyone, you just need to understand the cause of this change and adopt the right actions.  

What causes green or cloudy water? What are the solutions to remedy it? How to take care of your pool regularly to avoid this type of problem?    

Here are all our tips to get clear water again!  

What are the possible causes ?

 There are many possible causes for a change in the color of your pool. It is necessary to identify the source of this color change to apply the appropriate products that will act against your inconvenience.  

  • The most common reason for a change in pool color is often due to the presence of algae in your pool. Algae can form for many reasons.  One reason is the existence of phosphate which causes algae to grow in your pool. Lack of chlorine can also allow algae to grow very quickly. Finally, exposure to heavy rain, high heat can also trigger algae reproduction. The progression of algae can be very quick; in less than 48 hours the water of your pool can become green.   
  • The problem of a cloudy pool can also be caused by a lack of disinfectant in the pool. There are different types of disinfectants to have in your pool such as salt, active oxygen, chlorine or bromine. If one of the disinfectants is not in the proper dosage, the water can quickly become muddy.  
  • The health of your pool can also be affected when the pool balance is not appropriate. The water in your pool should always be well balanced, as this ensures the hygiene and health of the swimmers. The balance of your water also affects the life span of the pool equipment and the lining. This balance is maintained by four main components: PH, Chlorine, stabilizer and alkalinity of the water.  you
  • Finally, one of the last possible causes of color change in your pool is pollen. Pollen produced by plants and trees near your pool is often carried into the water by the wind. Since the pollen is too small to be filtered, it is difficult to remove it automatically.  

What are the possible treatments?

Once the cause of your pool’s color change has been identified, we can move on to the solution step. It is important to adopt the right treatments and products to solve this inconvenience.    


Test and balance the water 

The first thing to do is to test your pool water with a test strip. The test strip is used to measure the main quality indicators of your pool, such as Ph. The results of the analysis will tell you which parameter of your water is out of balance.  

Free chlorine is the main indication to check. Lower or higher chlorine levels can affect the quality of your pool. Your chlorine should always be maintained between 1 and 4 ppm. Therefore, you need to adjust it to a higher level with shock chlorine.  

 Shock treatment provides a quick and effective result, however for a more natural method, hydrogen peroxide treatment is an excellent alternative.  

Bandelette-test - AQUACHEK 
Bandelette-test – AQUACHEK 

Chlore choc - BAYROL
Chlore choc – BAYROL

Cleaning the water and the surface of the pool

Your pool equipment can also have an impact on the quality of your water. Purify the surface of the water to remove visible scrap, wash the walls of your pool, clean the pool, vacuum and empty the skimmer baskets regularly.  

Focus on areas where dirt is visible and traffic is low. Regular cleaning of your pool is a crucial step in preventing algae growth.   

Brosse pour paroi de piscine – BAYROL

Apply an anti-algae agent

In case of slimy or cloudy water, it is necessary to use algaecides to prevent the appearance of algae. Anti-algae products treat and prevent the growth of algae in your pool. Apply a dose of algaecide to destroy the appearance of algae.  

After the treatment, continue to brush the surfaces of your pool with your pool brush, there may still be dead algae in your pool.     

Finally, add a flocculant to facilitate the filtration of the last micro-organisms. 

Bio-UV algicide spécial – BIO UV 

Brosse pour paroi de piscine – BAYROL

Floculant en galet – BAYROL

Floculant liquide – BAYROL   

Clean the sand and cartridge filter.

Your cartridge or sand filter, as the name suggests, is used to filter out all the impurities that accumulate over weeks. Regular dirt in the water is a sign that your filtration system needs to be cleaned.  

 Perform a regular backwash of your filter or a chemical cleaning of your filter. Allow your pump and filter to run continuously for 24 hours so that the entire volume of your pool has a chance to pass through your clean filter.  


Getting rid of pollen

It is more difficult to get rid of pollen from the bottom of the pool, as most pool filters are not fine enough to catch and remove pollen.  

In our experience, adding a flocculant is the most effective treatment for removing pollen.   

Floculant en galet – BAYROL

Floculant liquide – BAYROL   

Our 3 maintenance tips

  • Ensure the right balance by measuring the pH and chlorine. The pH of the pool should be between 7 and 7.4 and the chlorine between 1 and 4ppm.   
  • Make sure your pool equipment is clean regularly!  
  • Check the filtration system.

Having a pool is good, having a beautiful pool with clear water is better!

The color of your pool is often a sign of the quality of your water, make sure to maintain your pool water throughout the year!  

If, despite our advice, you are unable to solve your problem, do not hesitate to come to the Aquarêve store, our experts will give you the best advice and equipment to keep your pool in better health!  


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