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You have just bought a house and the pool is a bit out of date? You built your pool 15 or 20 years ago, you consider it a bit old-fashioned and you want to give it a new look? 

A pool renovation can be the opportunity to create a new universe and embellish your entire outdoor space. Changing the lining, changing the shape of the pool, or adding equipment, fortunately the possibilities for renovation are endless! With the help of a pool professional, it is entirely possible to achieve your most beautiful desires.

Renovation being one of the main fields of action, Aquarêve naturally tracks down the new trends and innovations of the most contemporary pools. 

Here are 5 ideas of possible improvements to modernize your pool and make it more design.



The first possibility to give your pool a real facelift and make it contemporary is to change the size or shape of your pool.
If in the 80’s the average pool was 1.80 m deep, now it is only 1.40 m deep.

Whether you want to reduce or enlarge your pool, reduce the depth, make a swim lane or change the shape to round, square or oval?
Except for polyester shell pools that will have to be completely changed, the possibilities are endless.
In terms of shape and size, all transformations are possible.

Aqua’Advice : the new trend is to have a rectangular shape, both simple and classy, it brings elegance to your exterior.


The second alternative is to change and upgrade your pool liner. The modern pool liner is what gives your pool its beauty

Tile or liners offer many possibilities.

Tile is one of the most chemical resistant coatings, but also resistant to temperature changes, which allows it to have a long life span. In addition, this design pool liner gives a very wide selection when it comes to the colors and patterns that you want to see in the pool.

As for the liner, this highly sought after waterproofing coating has a lifespan of about 10 years. The liner is often an opportunity to change its color and therefore the color of the pool.


Aqua’Advice: Tiling is the coating that allows the greatest freedom of choice in the shape, colors and therefore the final appearance of the pool.



After seeing the change in shape and liner, what could be better than adding a unique element to your pool such as an overflow?

The overflow pool differs directly from the traditional pool in that it does not have a coping and allows the water to overflow into a chute or into the pool below. This creates an impression where the surface of the water merges with the horizon. 

The overflow brings an incomparable elegance and makes the pool appear much larger. 

The mirror pool is an option that never leaves anyone indifferent, it brings a very harmonious note of originality in your garden.


 Apart from beautifying your pool as well as your exterior, it is crucial to renovate your equipment as well. 

Pool equipment renovation is necessary sooner or later. Take this opportunity to refurbish your pool elements; change the skimmers, adapt your heat pump to your new pool, opt for less aggressive water treatments, choose a lighting system that recharges with solar energy. All these changes will allow you to extend the life of your pool and equip your pool with much better pool materials.

Renovating a pool is a major and costly project that requires careful expertise. It is important to call upon an experienced pool designer. 

Do not hesitate to contact the experts at Aquarêve, they will accompany you step by step in your renovation process!