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The “Comfort Maintenance” et “Premium Maintenance” of your swimming pool

This new service makes particular sense. Two to four times a year, depending on your wishes, a technician from Aquarêve will take charge of your pool. He prepares it at best for your future swimming. The technician checks the quality of the water and ensures the control and maintenance of all the pool’s components. He delivers and installs maintenance products and performs other “à la carte” services (annual cleaning of the shutter and its tray, replacement of the shutters or skimmers baskets if necessary, maintenance of the heat pump, etc.).

The “Comfort Maintenance” service

The service of “Comfort Maintenance” includes in the standard version an annual visit at the beginning and the end of the season.

Water analysis and balancing

The water of your pool is a living element that needs to be regularly analyzed and balanced in order to offer you swimming comfort in complete health safety.

Thanks to the use of a professional photometer, your technician performs a complete and precise analysis on site and balances the water. You will be able to bathe in softer water and make savings on the consumption of products.

Delivery of hard products to handle

No longer carry salt bags, canisters of products and other heavy and bulky equipment. During his visit, our technician delivers, stores the items in the technical room, or uses in the swimming pool the products delivered.

Control and preventive maintenance of your equipment

To increase the lifetime of your swimming pool, it is important to carry out regular maintenance of the equipment in the technical room. This includes the filtration pump and its basket, the filter, the electrical connections, the automatic processing machine, the probes, tubes, and valves. The skimmers, nozzles, and filling devices will not escape from the control.

Establishment of a report/diagnosis

During each maintenance or inspection visit, a record will be made on what has been done and any interventions to be planned. This dashboard of your swimming pool will be useful in many circumstances.

The “Premium Maintenance” service

The “Premium Maintenance” service includes, in addition to comfort services, optional service modules to be chosen from our range of services.

Thorough cleaning of the pool

The PVC curtain of your swimming pool roller shutter is made up of articulated PVC blades which roll up around an axis. This axis can be above ground or immersed in a reception tank. The axis and the blades are subject to accumulating waste. Regular cleaning is therefore a source of better longevity of your equipment.

Thorough cleaning of the technical room

This cleaning also includes the disposal of empty cans. They will be deposited by Aquarêve in an approved chemical waste treatment center.

Cleaning, disinfection and descaling of the sand filter

Some detritus cannot be completely removed by backwashing the sand filter. This is the case of limestone or oils and sunscreens for example. Here again, a regular disinfection-descaling intervention by a professional technician ensures you a prolonged use of your equipment.

Thorough cleaning of the swimming pool cover and its reception tank

The cleaning of the deck is an operation to be repeated twice a year, it will unclog the joints from limestone deposits and impurities. To avoid the migration of polluting and unsightly agents in the PVC blades, we carry out a cleaning of the blades of your shutter.

Cleaning the reception tank of your submerged shutter plays an essential role in maintaining water quality. Indeed, it prevents the proliferation of algae in this inaccessible area. It is therefore essential to pay careful attention to the maintenance of this equipment.

Entrust this operation to our specialized technicians, and enjoy your shutter better and longer.

Cleaning and maintenance of the heat pump

We advise our customers to have the entire heating system checked at least once a year. This is to make sure that the heat pump works correctly and efficiently, and that all of its components are in good condition.

This detailed and general examination can only be carried out by professionals. Our technicians from Aquarêve are trained in the characteristics of heating equipment. This verification will be the ideal opportunity to detect any malfunctions and to repair them. It also makes it possible to identify defective parts in order to replace them, and thus optimize the performance of the heat pump.

This maintenance prevents at best from unexpected breakdowns, which are always unpleasant.

This operation is compulsory for any machine with a refrigerant charge greater than two kilograms, the equivalent of approximately 12 kW.