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Give a new life to your swimming pool

After years of loyal service, your pool may need a refresher or even a major renovation. Our team of specialists will be able to advise you and carry out quality work both technical and aesthetic.

In-depth renovation

You can see before/after pictures of our in-depth renovations.

Repair of mosaic joints

You can see an example of a repair of joints carried by our teams on a mosaic in the image below. 

Sealing and coating

The choice of the waterproofing of a swimming pool to be built or renovated is of great importance. This is what will determine the color of the water in your pool, and therefore the general visual appearance.

The texture of the material and the budget that you will devote to it will influence its lifespan. The type of water treatment you can use will also be essential. Thus, for example, a salt treatment is incompatible with a coating in natural stone.

Our expertise and our partnerships with the best professionals in the sector allow us to offer you an informed and impartial choice. We advise you, based on all of your criteria, on the most suitable solution(s). Finally, we skillfully implement the coating you have chosen.

There are two main families of coatings: sealing coatings and tiles.

Sealing coatings

These materials have a dual function. They will both waterproof the pool and provide a finished appearance to the pool. The main sealing coatings are:

The liner

It is a PVC membrane, made in the factory at the exact dimensions of your pool. It forms a watertight pocket in your pool which embraces the screed and the walls. The liner is available in many colors and different qualities. It is a fast to install, inexpensive, elastic and insensitive to possible movements of the ground or structure. The liner is a waterproofing system that can be installed on all types of structure: wood, metal, masonry, resin… Furthermore, it is easily repairable in the event of an issue. Its lifespan can be more than 10 years. Some liners are now recovered and recycled in a controlled circuit of the pool waste.

Reinforced PVC membrane

Two to three times thicker than the liner, the reinforced membrane is made up of two layers of PVC reinforced by a polyester frame. This membrane can be smooth or textured (3D membrane). Thanks to its successive layers, the membrane is a very robust coating. It offers a beautiful visual result and allows the finishing of complex pools such as mirror pools, community pools of all shapes, pools with shutters, non-standard stairs … The reinforced membrane is not welded in the factory. It is installed and welded on site by professionals who are very qualified. The solution of this sealing coating is as effective on new swimming pools as it is on renovations which, thanks to it, will “get a new look”.

The membrane is particularly appreciated by dark pool lovers. It offers a wide range of colors including black. Among its other advantages, the reinforced PVC membrane offers good thermal isolation to the swimming pool, it is adapted to many types of structures and is insensitive to possible ground movements.

The lifespan of this coating is around 15 years. Some models benefit from real manufacturer guarantees over this period.

Stratification in polyester resin

Thanks to a successive application of layers of two-component resin and fiberglass, this coating forms a watertight shell inside the pool. This shell is then coated with a dual layer of finishing gel coat dyed in the mass. Laminated polyester is an ideal solution for renovating pools. It adapts to all forms of basins and all types of parts to be sealed. The resin can be applied on many supports. This modern and robust polymer coating is easy to maintain. It has a lifespan of around 15 years. Its renovation is done by sanding the top layer and by applying a new layer of resin and gel coat.

Resin is rather recommended for light colored pools.

Pool sealants

There are different kinds of sealants for swimming pools. All are composed of a mixture of cement, sand or marble powder or gravel, and resins accompanied by additives. Unlike other sealing lining, the coatings adhere to the structure. They are therefore only suitable for concrete pools, without cracks, and are not recommended for renovations.

The sealant solution is economical and trendy. However, its lifespan is very dependent on variations in the water balance.

Swimming pool tiles

Mosaics, enamels, stone or porcelain stoneware, the tiling is a coating of cladding of the most beautiful effect and a great robustness. It allows an infinity of colors and adapts to all shapes of pools. However, its application can only be made on previously waterproofed concrete pools. This seal can be obtained by a waterproof coating, a casing or a waterproofing.

The addition of waterproofing / tiling / joints involves a greater investment than the simple implementation of a sealing coating. The quality of the joints of a tile, and especially of a mosaic, has a strong impact on the good performance of this coating over time.

What is the approach of Aquarêve – l’Esprit Piscine?

The choice of a pool liner implies in-depth prior expertise because each type of liner must meet particular specifications. Our expertise, acquired over the years, allows us to know and respect each of the specificities.

The successful implementation of a pool coating requires certain experience. Established since 2000, Aquarêve benefits from many years of experience. The company has multiple complex projects to its credit, allowing it to offer a wide range of possibilities while respecting the specificities of each of the coatings offered. Aquarêve then implements them in a state of the art.