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Diagnose, Advise, Install and Repair

Aquarêve has a section of specialized, competent and efficient technicians in all the services dedicated to your swimming pool. Based in Antibes, we are at your service all year round to receive your calls, your requests, your questions, and intervene quickly on site. Customer satisfaction is at the center of Aquarêve’s concerns.

A quality and local after-sales service

In repair, in maintenance, but also in advice and preliminary studies, Aquarêve staff does everything possible to ensure that the maintenance of your pool is as well as possible taken care of, without major problems or deficiencies. We advise you professionally and explain how to avoid major setbacks. We make sure that your swimming pool is always synonym of well-being and pleasure.

Aquarêve, is a team of technicians at your disposal for maintenance, preparing the start of the season, leak detection, at home diagnosis, training in the use of your swimming pool, installation of your equipment… and many other services such as:

  • Analysis of your water
  • Pool maintenance
  • Leak diagnosis
  • Energy diagnosis
  • Training
  • Robot repair
  • Technical services:
    • Relocation or creation of a technical room
    • Liner laying
    • Installation of heating system
    • Installation of an automatic treatment system
    • Intervention on the filtration system: change of the filtering mass, the pump, the electrical panel, the probes….

Leak diagnosis and repair service

Our team of experts also offers to carry out a complete diagnosis in order to know the origin of the leak in your pool. The causes of leaks can be varied: broken pipes, defective sealing, poorly sealed headlamp, crack, leaking seal, faulty filtration system, network supplying the heat pump, etc.

Contacting Aquarêve professionals is the assurance of a reliable and rapid diagnosis.

Repair or replacement of swimming pool pumps

Is your pump leaking or no longer starting? In many cases, it can be repaired. Do not hesitate to bring it to us for a diagnosis.

In addition, Aquarêve is committed to an eco-responsible policy for its practices. This is the assurance that we will do everything in our power to offer you a lasting and reliable repair, renovation or replacement solution.

Our service +
A technician can travel to carry out a preliminary diagnosis.

Installation of filtration/Replacement of filtering charge

Remember that filtration is responsible for 80% of the quality of the water. The filter recycles the pool water thanks to the charge that retains the impurities. The maintenance of the filter load and its periodic replacement are therefore essential to guarantee effective filtration of your swimming pool.

Entrusting the installation of the filtration system or the replacement of the charge to our professional technicians ensures months, years of peace of mind.