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The essential for clean and crystal clear water

Filtration is an integral part of every swimming pool and represents 70% of the efficiency of a pool treatment.  

Filtration refers to all the elements intended to physically stop the impurities in the water of the swimming pool. The organization and size of the filter, the pump, and the hydraulic network are essential elements to master so that they fulfill their missions. Do not make any mistakes on this essential installation and entrust our professionals with the study of your equipment.

Sand filter

The sand filter is shaped like a tank. It contains special “sand” of different grain sizes through which the water will flow as slowly as possible, thus cleaning it of pollutants.

The water is drawn in through the pool’s suction inlets, circulates through the filter sand, passes through the strainers, and is then returned to the pool through the discharge outlet.

The filter media can be sand, which must be changed approximately every 5 years, or an active filter media, such as AFM, made from specially treated glass to improve filtration performance and prevent the growth of bacteria inside the filter. AFM lasts up to 3 times longer than the filter. As part of our eco-responsible approach, we recommend the AFM to orient pools in an ecological and low consumption logic. Indeed, AFM is formulated with activated recycled glass.

Cartridge filter

The cartridge filter has the shape of a cylinder in which a polypropylene filter without mixing is located. Its star-shaped folding allows to stop the impurities of the water flowing through it. The filtering fineness can be more or less important depending on the cartridge.

Filtration pump

The pump is essential to the quality of the swimming pool. It works several hours a day to ensure the mixing of the water in your pool and its filtration. Our expertise in this field leads us to recommend the installation of the latest generation variable speed pumps. For our customers, this is the assurance of a reliable, viable and environmentally responsible investment.

There is a very wide range of swimming pool pumps, with different powers, different performances, different technologies.

Conventional pumps operate at linear speed, which means that no matter how clean your water is, or how busy your pool is, the energy expenditure will be the same, with a constant high noise level.

Variable speed pumps can operate over a wide range of speeds, in order to adapt to the precise needs of your pool (depending on the season, the use or not of the pool, etc.). They are one of the major elements of a “low consumption pool” design and of an eco-responsible commitment. Their noise level is much lower than a classic pump and their filtration quality is better.

Our design office and our professional teams will know how to evaluate the needs of your pool. We will advise you on the various solutions, opportunities and constraints for the creation of your future pool, or the renovation of your current installation.

Whether you have a private or a collective pool, Aquarêve will be able to guide you and equip you with a filtration system for your swimming pool.

Aquarêve service

Correctly sized, efficient, low-energy filtration that complies with the rules of the trade guarantee of healthy water, significant energy savings, the longevity of the equipment and the safety of bathers.

In order to bring a total satisfaction in the long run, we study each filtration according to your priority criteria.

Aquarêve’s approach is :

  • The choice of sustainable materials
  • The fight against programmed obsolescence
  • State-certified technicians