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Enjoy your swimming pool all year long

Heating your swimming pool is the best solution to enjoy your pool for a long time. It allows you to double the period of use. Different solutions exist for the heating of your swimming pool.

Aquarêve is committed to a responsible eco responsible policy. We favor two technologies that have a lesser impact on the environment: solar heating and new generation heat pumps.

Solar heating

Thanks to solar sensors placed on the ground near the pool, it is possible to heat the water of the swimming pool, very efficiently. The water passes through the solar sensors, recovers heat, and then returns to the pool to heat it. This method is ecological, since solar energy is natural, free and inexhaustible. It is the most economical solution on the long term. 

Heat pump

The heat pump recovers calories from the air and transmits them to the pool water via an exchanger. Thus, the use of electricity is only intended to operate the compressor. This heating system allows to heat the swimming pool water in an efficient, economical and ecological way.

The new generation of pool heat pumps “Inverter” have a much higher performance than traditional pumps. They can restore up to 16 calories to the swimming pool for only 1 absorbed calorie (electrical consumption) with a very low noise incidence.

Our service 

In order to allow you to correctly size the heating equipment, our sales consultants and our design office study your needs and habits. They can carry out a thermal assessment that will indicate the water temperatures obtained with a guarantee of results, and the related electrical consumption.