Your dreams, our expertise

Free yourself from cleaning your swimming pool

There is a very wide range of pool cleaners: manual or hydraulic, plugged into the broom or electric. Some are more suitable for cleaning tiled pools, others for pools with liner. 

Why buy a robot at Aquarêve?

Avoid an unsuitable investment

Aquarêve’s sales consultants are professionals who will help you avoid making an inappropriate investment. Many criteria come into play when choosing the robot that will meet your needs:

  • The size of your pool
  • The depth and shape of the bottom
  • The liner
  • The shape of the stairs
  • Main or secondary residence
  • Covered pool or not
  • Vegetation around the pool
  • Type of filtration
  • The budget you wish to spend on it

Our consultants also benefit from Aquarêve’s commitment to society. They are constantly trained in new techniques and in the new products we offer. All year long, in store or by appointment at home for larger projects, they are truly at your service. They analyze your needs first and foremost and then offer you the most effective solution that is best suited to your needs and constraints.

Customer Service

Located in our store in Antibes, the customer service will save you the trouble of having to return equipment to the factory in case of breakdown. During the warranty period and throughout the life of your robot, we have spare parts in stock or in quick delivery. Our technicians are trained to carry out all repairs and maintenance in the workshop.

Highly reliable equipment

There are a multitude of robots available on the market, however, not all of them have the same lifespan. Some of them need to be replaced every few years. Do not worry about cleaning anymore thanks to the robots we select. They are tested and recognized for their sturdiness, their cleaning reliability, their autonomy but also for their longevity. Aquarêve is actively engaged in an eco-responsible policy and in particular in the fight against programmed obsolescence of equipment.

The loan of a robot of convenience in case of failure

In case of breakdown, your robot may need a replacement part. Whether it is under warranty or out of warranty, we offer you a loan of a robot of convenience for the time of the repair. This will save you the trouble of having to clean your pool manually or not maintaining it at all and thus risk damaging it irreparably.

Your participation in an eco-responsible approach

Aquarêve also takes into consideration in its CSR approach the important number of robots thrown away every year due to an important obsolescence. We therefore propose to recover your old robot, in order to reuse the parts in good condition, to select the recyclable parts and to sort the defective parts.

Thanks to these reusable, recovered and sorted spare parts, we can offer more services to our customers: test a robot or lend a robot for repairs, while ensuring an eco-responsible approach for you, for us and for our planet.

Our robots

Hydraulic Robots

Balai Bendervac

The manual broom for professionals

  • Connection to the broom or skimmer socket
  • Cleaning the bottom of the pool
  • Rubber structure to fit the shape of your swimming pool

Zodiac MX9

With active brushing for deep cleaning

  • Connection to the broom or skimmer socket
  • Cleaning of the pool bottom and walls
  • X-Drive system: pre-programmed methodical route for perfect pool coverage
  • Twist&Lock: patented hose connection system to reduce suction losses to zero
  • 2 propeller suction system to direct the dirt towards the robot’s mouth
  • Cyclonic brushing to remove and vacuum up embedded dirt

Electric Robots

Maytronic Dolphin S200

An efficient and effective robot

  • Cleaning of the bottom, sides and water line
  • Total pool coverage with the PowerStream® moving system
  • 2-hour cycle
  • Multi-layer filtration system separates and filters debris, fine and ultra-fine dirt
  • Active front brush rotating at twice the speed of the robot for better cleaning
  • Low energy consumption electrical transformer

Maytronic Dolphin S300i

A complete cleaning

  • Cleaning of the bottom, sides and water line
  • Power Stream dual drive system for total pool coverage
  • 2 cleaning cycles: 1 hour or 2 hours
  • High efficiency multi-layer filter with no risk of clogging
  • Active brush turning twice as fast as the speed of the robot for a better cleaning
  • Low energy consumption electrical transformer
  • Lightweight robot for easy handling and transport caddy included

Dolphin S400

Superior cleaning made even easier

  • Total cleaning and maximum water filtration, thanks to the navigation system for complete cleaning coverage
  • With the MyDolphin™ Plus mobile app, control your robot from your smartphone
  • The simplest and most effective solution to keep your pool clean
  • Active front brush, increases cleaning efficiency. Eliminates algae and bacteria
  • Basket accessible from the top of the robot for easy cleaning
  • Swivel system that prevents the cable from twisting

Dolphin M600

Superior cleaning made even easier

  • Bottom, side and waterline cleaning
  • PowerStream dual drive system for total pool coverage
  • 3 cleaning cycles: 1.5 hours, 2 hours, 2.5 hours
  • Multi-layer filtration system separates and filters debris, fine and ultra-fine dirt with full filter indicator
  • Swivel device to limit cable entanglement when moving the robot
  • “Pick me up” mode to bring the robot back to the poolside when it has finished its cycle
  • MyDolphinTM Plus Bluetooth mobile application
  • Transport caddy included

Alpha IQ RA6500

A personalized cleaning for the best result

  • Cleaning of the bottom, walls and water line
  • Multiple cycles from 30 minutes to 3.5 hours, including the Smart cycle that adapts to the size of your pool
  • 4 drive wheels to overcome all obstacles, all bottoms, all shapes and all surfaces
  • Lift System technology: a powerful jet at the back is activated when the robot exits the water, making it lighter to retrieve
  • Swivel device to limit cable entanglement when moving and to facilitate storage
  • iAqualink mobile application: remote control function and programmer for up to 7 days
  • Transport cart included

Voyager RE4300

Full power agility

  • Its patented cyclonic vacuum is powerful and long lasting. Its helix brushes and dual-level progressive filtration more effectively collects even the finest debris. With VOYAGER™, your pool is spotless all year round
  • With its on-board smart sensors and proprietary design, VOYAGER™ offers excellent pool coverage and limitless agility. As a result, it works ideally in all pool shapes and liner types
  • Its top-accessible filter and transparent window allow for true convenience in daily use. The rapid water discharge makes it easy to remove the robot from the pool

Voyager RE4600 iQ

Full power connectivity

  • With the iAquaLink™ app, your robot’s functions can be accessed remotely via smartphone. It has a remote control function, its cycle time is adjustable and the cleaning progress can be monitored at any time. VOYAGER™ is also scalable thanks to automatic updates of its features. With its patented Lift System technology, VOYAGER™ positions itself in line with the water on the chosen wall and expels the water to make the robot lighter when it leaves the water. Its backlit filter, accessible from the top, and its transparent window allow for true comfort in daily use.
  • Its helix brushes and its progressive dual-level filtration allow for more efficient collection of even the finest debris.