Automatic cleaning


Automatic cleaning by robots

A swimming pool needs a constant maintenance. For a clean water, you need to have the minimum dirt as possible. A robot is a very efficent anwser to this need. The automatic cleaning is made by robots,  sucks up the dirts and brushes your pond. The maintenance of your swimming pool can easily being taken care by a robot.

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Services & Advices

Competent sales people are at your disposal to advise to you on the best robot for you, by analyzing your constraints, and by proposing you what is more adapted with your requirements.


We store the best robots on the market that have shown  their ability over time.

Technical Service

An after sale service which lends you out a second hand robot in case of problem. We analysis in our store the deficencies of the material and/or take care administrative process so that you do not have to bear the inconvenience of a robot out of order!