Your obligations

If you are a landlord of a swimming pool, or if you are planning to become one, do not forget your pool security obligations. Law stipulates that private pools must bear a security plan, if not, you can have a financial penality up to 45 000€!

Here are the approved security system norms; becareful as the norm chages depending on the type of security system:

  • For gate protections : Norm NF P 90-306
  • For alarm protections : Norm NF P 90-307
  • For cover protections : Norm NF P 90-308

It is very important to secure your  pool when you have one. Alarms and gates answering to legal norms contribute to secure a pool. Nevertheless, children security can only be garantied by a close surveillance. Nothing can replace your vigilance!



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Services & Advices

Our sales advisors can introduce technical security solutions adapted to your needs and budget.


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Technical service

A laying service ensures of the good laying and the respect of the security norms.