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Why install a cover to protect your pool?

Why install a cover to protect your pool?

If you wish to take care of your swimming pool, the choice of equipment is varied but you need to know which ones are the most important. In summer as well as in winter, the pool cover is an essential piece of equipment! It replaces traditional pool covers, as it has many more advantages.
The Aquarêve experts will tell you all about swimming pool roller shutters. 

Ideal protection against the outside environment

First of all, the installation of a pool cover provides ideal protection for your pool. Indeed, it avoids the deposit of small or large debris that can affect the cleanliness of the water (dust, insects, dead leaves, bad weather, prevents the proliferation of algae…). It also avoids the annual renewal of the water in your pond, which requires a certain cost but also a lot of water.

Moreover, it also has an effect on your filtration system since it will have fewer impurities to treat. These impurities can be cleaned and removed by you before they find their way back into the skimmer or pump.

Ease of use

Each roller shutter is either an electric shutter with a wired roller system or an automatic cover that holds this system but this time with the help of solar panels.

In both cases, you do not have to handle your pool cover manually as it is not a simple tarpaulin.

Indeed, the opening and closing of your pool cover is done using a key box or a control fixed near the cover to start the opening or closing automatically.

So you no longer have to worry about using it, because it couldn’t be simpler!

Secures your pool

All roller shutters at Aquarêve comply with the NF P90-308 safety standard, which certifies the effectiveness of the equipment in terms of safety according to the characteristics of your pool.

In fact, the cover guarantees you approved protection that meets strict criteria to ensure the safety of bathers, especially children. Access to the pool becomes inaccessible when the cover is closed, thus making it safe for a person, but especially a child, to fall and thus prevent drowning accidents. Once closed, the flap is fixed on both sides of the pool with hooking straps, which allows it to be put under tension and prevents it from sagging when a weight falls on it.

Your roller shutter is capable of supporting up to 100 kilos of load, regardless of where it falls. This is how it will guarantee you complete safety.

Saving on energy and treatment products

As you can see, installing a cover for your pool reduces the impact of pollution and particles in the water.

You will therefore have fewer problems with water regulation, i.e. fewer treatment products to use to bring the water up to standard. The more your pool water is disturbed by the outside environment, the more your pool’s values will tend to fluctuate.

By closing your pool cover more often, you will save money!

In addition, the choice of the type of slat of your cover can be important. Indeed, there are opaque PVC slats that do not allow UV rays to pass into the pool; these are the most commonly used slats. But there are also polycarbonate slats, which are transparent (colour of your choice) and therefore allow the sun’s UV rays to pass through and heat your water. In this case, your heat pump will consume less energy, which is very beneficial for our planet.

Aesthetic of your poo

Your automatic pool cover is aesthetically different from a simple pool cover or curtain, to cover your pool.

Whether you choose an above-ground or underwater roller shutter model, the solid-coloured slatted apron will enhance your pool in an elegant and discreet way.

It is an added value from a technical point of view but also from a visual point of view for your exterior!

Each pool cover project is different or even unique because each pool shape is different, especially the free or rounded shapes which can be more complicated .

We invite you to make an appointment with our cover specialist adviser to find out about the feasibility of this project and to carry out a study of the project.


Finally, as you will have understood, the pool cover can be very important and effective. You can choose between several models of shutters: submerged shutters and above-ground shutters.

The Aquarêve advisers are at your disposal to explain them to you in more detail and to guide you in the best possible way for you and your pool. 

Furthermore, if you are planning to install this type of equipment, it is strongly recommended that you call on the services of swimming pool professionals, as your cover must be perfectly suited to your pool and your environment.

Contact the Aquarêve experts, who have been pool experts for over 20 years!