Your dreams, our expertise

Remote Control and Command

Committed to a CSR policy both in its processes and in its works, Aquarêve is able to install a “connected” swimming pool. Source of real beneficial ecological impacts, you can control the obsolescence of equipments with a connected pool.

What are the advantages?

The connected swimming pool provides comfort, serenity in managing equipment and saves time. It also saves energy, water and products.


What are the specificities of the connected pool?

Thanks to home automation, your swimming pool becomes “intelligent” and interactive:

  • You receive an alarm in the event of overconsumption of water, lack of treatment product, dirty filter, malfunction.
  • The connected swimming pool can be monitored remotely: water temperature, filtration status, water balance, status of the safety shutter (open or closed) can be viewed on your Smartphone.
  • The connected swimming pool also allows you to act remotely: switching on the heating, lighting the pool, triggering the filter washing, controlling the robot.

Beyond its dialogue module, the swimming pool equipped with a home automation device will manage autonomously, regularly and intelligently, many parameters such as:

  • The duration of filtration depending on water temperature
  • The modification of the pump flow according to the need. This function is precious for infinity pools, or equipped with an automatic shutter
  • The “intelligent” swimming pool can also decide on the treatment to be applied depending on the need. For example, a hybrid electrolysis treatment will automatically stop electrolysis to switch to automatic chlorine treatment, when the water temperature is no longer compatible with the salt treatment (15°C). This function preserves the electrolyser.

What is the approach of Aquarêve – L’Esprit Piscine?

For this connected version of the management of your pool, Aquarêve relies on its expertise and the results of the professionals from l’Esprit Piscine for all stages:

  • A complete objective and competent analysis of your needs
  • A clear and documented recommendation
  • Trained and competent technicians for the installation and integration of your home automation pool
  • Partnerships with home automation specialists to offer a global and integrated home automation solution
  • Efficient maintenance

The connected pool can have all the designs of your choice and your dreams. Its “intelligence” is hidden in the technical rooms and in the applications of your digital tools.