Your dreams, our expertise

Tendency, Purity

The glass-walled or anti-UV (PMMA) plexiglass-walled swimming pool is a true technical achievement, that brings to your environment a unique and contemporary character. 

The transparent wall is integrated into the pool frame bringing a magical and luxurious note to the work. It can be declined in a pool window, in a transparent pool bottom creating a light well, in a straight or corner wall… This pool is limitless for the imagination.

What are the advantages?

The aesthetic advantages of such a work are obvious: your swimming pool becomes a living picture and the outcome is spectacular. 

If you choose an infinity edge pool, you will contemplate the magic of the reflections of water beyond the pool’s edges. A glass-walled swimming pool is the symbol of the lines and materials purity. 

The maintenance of a glass-walled swimming pool is facilitated by the smoothness of the material : no algae can adhere to the wall. In terms of ecology, you will therefore have a lesser impact on the environment as you will not use any product on this wall.

In addition, the rest of your swimming pool can also be designed to reduce energy consumption.


What are the specificities of a glass-walled swimming pool?

Tailor-made according to your desires, the glass-walled swimming pool can be integrated in an inox or a concrete structure. 

The glass or plexiglass wall is better to be seen outside of the pool: it will perfectly come along with an uneven ground. 

The wall can vary considerably in size. Its thickness can vary in centimeters and will be dictated by lift constraints, whether the glass wall is at the bottom of the pool or is a resistance glass wall. In every case, a pre-study is required and Aquarêve masters these kinds of construction.  

Over the years we have acquired strong skills and a great mastery in glass-walled swimming pool design, installation and maintenance.

Various criteria dictate the choice between the glass wall and the special anti-UV plexiglass wall: the size of the wall, the desired thickness, the desired degree of transparency, the weight (plexiglass is twice as light as glass) and the environment. Our expertise in both these technologies will allow you to make informed choices.

What is the approach of Aquarêve – L’Esprit Piscine?

We work from the root of the project with talented architects and design offices in order to participate in the design of the most adapted, integrated, silent and of the least energy-consuming creation. The conception of the work will also take into account all the standards and constraints related to this kind of pool.

Moreover, the national association l’Esprit Piscine, which we are part of, is a source of reference for technical and safety norms for pools.