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Wellness, Home improvement and Year-round swimming

Harmoniously integrated into the aesthetics of your home, the indoor pool allows you to enjoy the pleasure of swimming throughout the seasons.

What are the advantages of an Indoor swimming pool?

A place of relaxation, swimming, aquaerobics or aquabiking, the indoor swimming pool offers another dimension to your home. It will be a play area for children, relaxation or fitness for the older ones.

Whatever the weather outside, the indoor pool offers you the pleasure and well-being of swimming at every season.

In addition, a swimming pool built inside the house is not subject to administrative authorization.


What are the specificities of an Indoor swimming pool?

Lap pool for the most athletics or “Well-being” pool, the indoor pools can take different forms depending on the mood and the space.

Always concerned with creating sustainable and healthy structures, Aquarêve takes particular care in the treatment of water and air as well as in dehumidification for these demanding pools.

We offer a wide choice of materials and designs to personalize your indoor swimming pool in order to ensure the perfect integration into its environment and its comfort of use and maintenance.

What is the approach of Aquarêve – L’Esprit Piscine?

Aquarêve supports you in the design and construction of your indoor pool. We offer tailor-made swimming pools adapted to all configurations, desires and needs. You will be offered a wide choice of shapes, colors, lighting, but also finishes and accessories. We design and build your pool in your home or in an annex area for relaxation according to your preferences.

Aquarêve builds its indoor swimming pools in compliance with good practices and standards in force as part of its approach to reduce its ecological impact.