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Modernity, Elegance and Minimalism

Beyond the traditional proportions, a lap pool is a sporty and convivial swimming pool, long and narrow. The sober and refined lines of this rectangular swimming pool blend both in a contemporary and traditional environment.

What are the advantages of a lap pool ?

Dynamic, modern and ideal for swimming, the lap pool offers you a large dimension for a proportionately small volume of water.

Indoor or outdoor, this pool allows you to swim and enjoy your swimming time in a longer and more saving way than a traditional swimming pool: easier to heat, treat and protect.


What are the specificities of a lap pool?

Slender with a marked character, with or without overflow, this rectangular and narrow pool offers a new perspective blending into your environment.

Whether equipped with a counter-current swimming system or not, this atypical refined pool can be of different dimensions:  the length/width ratio is at least 4. A lap pool of 8 meters in length will have a width of 2 meters. There are lap pools of 50 meters in length with a width of 2 meters, which allows the swimmer not to turn around too often. 

The ideal length of your lap pool, whether buried or above ground, will be determined by many parameters such as the desired atmosphere, the environment or the administrative possibilities. Our role is to support and carry out your project that will best meet all of your expectations.

What is the approach of Aquarêve – L’Esprit piscine ?

The works that we carry out are unique: they are the fruit of a professional and in-depth reflection of all your expectations, of a constructive and methodical dialogue with the stakeholders, of our creative approach aimed at seeing in each constraint, the means to do better and at last of a systematic study aiming to offer swimming pools with the lowest possible impact on the planet.

Aquarêve relies on the expertise of its French group L’Esprit Piscine to always update its knowledge and expertise, and thus better design your future swimming pool project.