Your dreams, our expertise

Luxury and Magic

Elegant and modern, the mirror pool offers a stunning visual effect: the body of water outcrops the floor, creating a wonderful reflection effect. The aesthetics of the mirror pool will beautify your garden. 

The mirror pool can have several shapes for a wide range of styles. Rectangular with clean lines, it offers a spectacular design. Square shaped in the middle of a patio, a courtyard or a small garden, it is a jewel of aesthetics and purity. Free-form, in a lush garden, it becomes the symbol of the ideal lagoon without demarcation between the pool water, the submerged part and the surrounding nature.

What are the advantages of a mirror pool?

Purity of lines
The mirror pool makes the coping stones disappear from the edge of the pool. 

Water purity 
Thanks to its large water depth (the waterfall at the edge of the basin), the water level of a mirror pool is always very clean.

This pool of your dreams, removes the boundaries between the elements, and enhances your environment. This swimming pool will be, in addition to the visual pleasure and the happiness of its use, an important added value for your property.

Designed and produced using the most recent techniques in terms of eco-responsible equipment and construction, your swimming pool will be a durable and guaranteed work.


What are the specificities of a mirror pool ?

The mirror pool is a variant of the infinity pool, but in the mirror version the water does not overflow only on one side towards a lower pool or an evacuation drain, it overflows the entire pool. The water flows delicately all around the pool, and “disappears”. As if by magic !

An exclusive process allows us to offer a silent flow.

The hydraulicity of a mirror pool is quite special. The discharge nozzles of filtered water are calibrated and arranged so as to conserve seemingly even water, smoothly flowing. The volume of water stirred is sufficiently powerful so that the water line overflows all around the basin. The filtration system is very largely dimensioned.

It is a high-end technicality that our Design Office and our experienced technicians master perfectly. Our network l’Esprit Piscine and the FFP have already repeatedly awarded Aquarêve for swimming pools in this category.