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Formerly reserved for large hotels and urban establishments, the rooftop swimming pool allows you to enjoy an exceptional view and to take advantage of a new space in your home by transforming your roof into a space for leisure and well-being. For the construction of a rooftop pool in Antibes, contact our team.

What are the advantages?

Brightening up a panoramic terrace with a swimming pool will be an added value to your home.

The rooftop pool is a place of well-being, of leisure, offering a breathtaking view. 

While utilising a reduced space, the rooftop pool offers the benefits and conviviality of swimming, the wellness of massages and whirlpools, the sporting performance, if equipped with a powerful counter-current swim.

All of these possibilities are part of the expertise of Aquarêve and L’Esprit Piscine and can be available in a private swimming pool or collective swimming pool version.


What are the specifics of a rooftop swimming pool?

As a very technical and demanding structure, the rooftop swimming pool requires numerous studies and prior authorizations.

Its realization can be mainly in concrete, stainless steel, or wood. A glass wall can also enhance the structure.

What is the approach of Aquarêve – L’Esprit Piscine?

We work from the beginning of the project with the architect and the design offices to develop the most suitable and integrated work but also the least energy-consuming which will take into account the set of standards and constraints related to this type of pool.

We also always make every effort to follow our eco-responsible commitments, providing you the latest techniques and technologies in order to reduce the ecological impact of your equipment.

With a view on the city or towards the horizon, a rooftop swimming pool is always a special place. You’ll have the feeling to be in weightlessness.