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Pleasure, Relaxation, Drainage and Pleasure

Indoor or outdoor, private or collective, the Well-being pool adds another dimension to the pleasures of swimming. Your swimming pool becomes a space for relaxation, massages, soft or advanced fitness, and drainage. The Wellness pool, therefore widens the field of possibilities, pleasures and benefits of water. It is a playground for children and a true space for fitness or thalassotherapy area for adults.


What are the specificities of a Well-being swimming pool?

There are numerous equipments to transform your swimming pool into a balneotherapy center at home.

Personalized massage jets

Invigorating or Zen, on a submerged bench or on the pool wall, these tailor-made massages will help release your muscles and joints from tension and blockage.

Whirlpool baths

Fun, relaxing, draining, and oxygenating, the whirlpools offer a real space of magic within your swimming pool. Installed at the bottom of the pool, they will wrap you in thousands of bubbles and drain the entire body. Integrated into a submerged beach, they will transform this space into an original place of well-being. The whirlpool baths offer everyone the pleasures of relaxation and drainage. Thanks to them, you will have the extraordinary feeling of floating between water and bubbles.

Counter-current swimming

A veritable tool for fitness, counter-current swimming is available in a multitude of versions to meet everyone’s needs: A play area for some, a place for aquagym for others or an improved training tool for great athletes. Swimming against the current can also transform a swimming pool into a real surfing area.

The swimming lane

Often reserved for aquatic centers, the swim lane is a dedicated space of the pool, long and narrow, equipped with large and powerful jets. They form a real current against which the swimmer will have to “fight” and with which the more playful swimmers will therefore have a great feeling of sliding and speed depending on the direction in which this corridor is taken!

Fun and decorative “massaging” waterfall

A waterfall installed by the pool will offer you many amenities. Some of them are specially designed to effectively massage the cervical area, others will complement the bubble space. Some will be installed to bring a living decor to the pool. The possibilities are limitless.

Underwater music

Listen to sounds or rhythms diffused in the water, in harmony with your activity. In a relaxing swim or during an aqua-relax session, music will help you reach another dimension. During swimming training, music will accompany your efforts.

What is the approach of Aquarêve – L’Esprit piscine ?

Rarely implemented in private homes, a Well-being pool is demanding in its implementation. It must be designed and produced by Pool-designers perfectly mastering these techniques. Aquarêve, with the support of its national network, l’Esprit Piscine, is in constant and systematic research of the most recent, most reliable and most eco-responsible techniques for the environment and its customers.

Entrusting us with the design and production of your Well-being pool is thus the assurance of a quality, safe and serene project with a site experience. Whether you own a private property, a community or a public establishment, our ten-year guarantee is a truly peace of mind insurance for your swimming pool.