Your dreams, our expertise

Aquarêve is the exclusive distributor of Hotspring ® spas, the most popular American spa brand, in the Alpes Maritimes and the Principality of Monaco. With more than 35 years of experience, Hotspring ® is the most sold spa brand in the world.

Spa Hotspring ® : the best of massage, for a deep relaxation

The spas or hot tubs we offer have unique massage solutions. Indeed, a spa is made of powerful jets and hot water to offer the best massage experience. Our spas also hold innovative water maintenance systems and functions that keep the water warm.

To provide the ultimate spa experience, simpler, more effective water maintenance and high energy efficiency, Aquarêve offers the Highlife collection from Hotspring ®.

With exclusive features such as:

  • Unique Massage: Two powerful water streams that sweep up and down your back
  • 100% Water Filtration: 100% filtration system and dishwasher safe filters keep the water crystal clear.
  • Simple operation: You can control the spa’s functions from up to 9 meters away with your remote control.
  • Long lasting: Polymeric support structure allows for a longer life span.
  • Energy saving: custom covers designed with a gasket and multiple layers of foam that insulate to conserve heat; SilentFLo 5000™ circulation pump that uses less energy than a 400-watt light bulb.ts.

Hotspring ® Spa Effects

  • Health and well-being

A spa is a real investment in your health and well-being. Indeed, your spa brings you more energy, a better quality of sleep but also better relations outside, thanks to the time spent in hot water.

  • Sharing

A spa allows you to spend a relaxing time alone or accompanied. Indeed, it can be a moment of sharing, of being with your loved ones. Moreover, this time allows you to be yourself, relaxed and in the open air.

  • Sleep

The effects of a lack of sleep are numerous and can lead to stress, inattention, depression or mood swings. This lack of sleep is caused, most of the time, by a hectic and stressful life.
Regularly relaxing in your spa can therefore help to improve sleep quality and reduce stress in your daily life.