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A concentrate of technicality for quality relaxation moments

A built-in Spa works like a small swimming pool. It can be can be simple or very equipped according to your desires and needs.

This type of Spa provides several ergonomic seats (up to ten in total), more or less reclined and/or benches offering a semi-reclining position. Each seat is equipped with more or less visible nozzles, designed and positioned to provide a certain type of massage (head, neck, shoulder blades, soles of the feet, etc.). The jets (fixed, directional, rotary, etc.) are adjustable in intensity and flow, often independently of each other. Spas can even be equipped for swimming. True alternatives to the pool, these longer swim Spas also allow you to swim against the current thanks to powerful jets.

The water in a Spa is very turbulent, even aerated. It is maintained at a temperature between 30°C and 40°C.

Aquarêve has the expertise of these constraints and will know how to design your built-in Spa in both indoors and outdoors environments.

Infinity Spas

Symbol of shared well-being, the Infinity Spa combines aesthetics and performance. Perfectly integrated into the environment it provides generous massages without contrasting with collective and environmental standards. The Infinity Spa can be made of acrylic, mosaic or wood. It is built on site or manufactured in the factory.