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Comfortable open space

The bio-climatic pergola with adjustable slats offers you the comfort of a ventilated shade. It can be a complement to your well-being space, to protect a spa or to create a comfortable and design living space near your swimming pool. It is the link between accommodation and bathing space. It creates a cozy place for your garden salon, and allows you to better enjoy the environment.

All our pergolas are tailor-made and come with different functionalities:

A pergola for a spa area

You want to create a protected space dedicated to spa and relaxation, outside of busy areas? The independent pergola, firmly anchored to the ground, will offer you a haven of peace.

According to your desires, it will protect you from a too hot sun while letting the light pass, or it will protect you from the rain, while offering the possibility of enjoying your spa in peace.

The independent pergola can be transformed into an enclosed space by adding blinds or bay windows. According to your desire, it can be tailor-made in the colors and sizes desired.

It can also be heated to create a real cocoon around your spa area.

A pergola in extension of the swimming pool

For some time the pergola has found its place near the swimming pool, in addition to or in substitution of the pool house. It creates a living space in all seasons.

During winter, its adjustable blades let the light enter. During summer, they will protect you from the heat of the sun, while letting the air circulate. The ventilated shade of the bio climatic pergola offers comfort comparable to the natural shade of trees.

The blades are adjustable and can be controlled by a remote control. They can also be automated by installing sensors.

The pergola will be the privileged place, away from too prolonged exposure to the sun.

An independent pergola for your summer evenings

Embellished with curtains, this pergola with soft indirect lighting combines charm and comfort. It offers you a space for relaxation during the day as well as in the evening.

The shade veil allows better air circulation during the day, and gives an elegant cachet to your pergola area in the evening.

Thanks to its solar panels and its integrated regulator charger, the ÉLÉANCE BioSolaire pergola is the ideal solution for an installation far from the home, or in an isolated site, without electrical connection.

The recovery of solar energy is one of the tracks favored by Aquarêve as part of its eco-responsible commitment.

A pergola in extension of the house

Attached to the wall of the house, resolutely contemporary, this Eléance Bio Design pergola responds to the wishes of modernity and enlargement of the living space. This is the obvious link between the accommodation and the swimming area.

It is also an elegant and necessary means of protecting your furnishings (garden furniture, living rooms, cushions, etc.) and yourself from the harmful effects of too long exposure to the sun. Your pergola will be a haven of freshness near the pool.

A pergola on the rooftop

Protecting yourself from the heat of the sun while enjoying the joys of the pool, that is the challenge taken up by this Eléance Slim design bioclimatic pergola with pure and elegant lines. It will not alter the spirit of the place and sublimate the panorama. Its structure can be made of wood, iron or aluminum, depending on the desired appearance.

A pergola on the roof terrace sublimates the panorama and offers added value to your home.

The Aquarêve services

As with our swimming pools and our shop, Aquarêve designs and implements its pergolas in order to fully satisfy its customers. We take into consideration the constraints and requirements of the location. We will also be able to help you for the arrangements of pergolas in establishments open to the public.

Our membership in the national group Esprit Piscine is the guarantee of professional expertise and the implementation of quality products and materials.