Your dreams, our expertise


Aquarêve, member of the national network of l’Esprit Piscine and member of the FPP (Féderation des Professionnels de la Piscine), supports you in your quality, tailor-made swimming pool construction project.

From design to construction, from equipment to customization and from set up to maintenance, a team of serious, competent and involved professionals is at your side for the success and sustainability of your project.

The support of Aquarêve

Before construction: 

Defining together the conditions for the success of the progress of your site

During the works:

Giving reasons to our customers for choosing us

At the end of the work:

Making every effort to bring you the happiness of swimming shared with your family and friends in an exceptional place of conviviality

The support of Aquarêve for years after the end of the work:

So that your pool always stays a pleasure

Our swimming pool categories

All our pools are tailor-made and can be categorized as follow:

Infinity Pools

Aesthetics, Purity, Elegance

The Infinity pool is a completely or partially inground swimming pool, whose aesthetic relies on the optical effect of the skyline reaching the edge of the swimming pool, making it seem like the water is infinite.


Glass-walled Swimming Pools

Luxury, Trendy, Purity

A real technical feat, the glass wall or UV-resistant plexiglass pool brings a unique and contemporary character to your environment.


Mirror Swimming Pools

Luxury, Magic and Purity

Elegant and modern, the mirror pool offers a stunning visual effect: the body of water is level with the floor, creating a wonderful reflection effect. The aesthetics of the mirror pool will sublimate your garden.


Lap Pools

Modernity, Elegance and Minimalism

Beyond the traditional proportions, a lap pool is a sporty and convivial long and narrow swimming pool.

The sober and refined lines of this rectangular swimming pool integrate both in a contemporary and traditional environment.


Well-Being Swimming Pools

Pleasure, Relaxation and Drainage 

The wellness pool is no longer reserved only for Thalassotherapy establishments. From now on, professionnals such as Aquarêve and its colleagues from the Esprit Piscine Group know how to design, implement and ensure their maintenance and upkeep. Whether for private or collective residences, discover the benefits of bubbles, jets, bubbling, currents and waterfalls at home.


Indoor Swimming Pools

Well-being, Real Estate Enhancement, Swimming all year round

Harmoniously integrated into the aesthetics of your home, the Indoor pool allows you to enjoy the pleasure of swimming throughout the seasons.


Connected Swimming Pools

Remote Control and Safety

Thanks to home automation, your pool becomes intelligent and interactive. To keep only the happiness of its use, the main management functions of your pool are automated and the automation can be programmed.

The connected pool allows control of energy consumption and treatment products. It is also a risk management tool for the safety of children and the hygiene of your pool.


Low-Energy Swimming Pools

Ecology, Economy and Swimming comfort

The Low-Energy Consumption pool is obtained through the implementation of a set of technical choices that significantly reduce the consumption of electricity, water and treatment products.

Aquarêve is committed to an active CSR policy and promotes innovative processes in terms of reducing the impact of swimming pools on their environment and controlling their consumption.


Collective Swimming Pools

Sharing Happiness

For hotels, spa centers, guest rooms, condominiums, campsites, senior residences, “wellness” center, sports clubs, fitness clubs.

We share our know-how and our creativity to satisfy both the operator and the users.


Family Swimming Pools

Conviviality, Sharing, Happiness

Symbol of friendliness and intergenerational fun, the family pool is the privileged place for your joyful and playful summers meetings. Enjoy the pleasure of swimming together with your family.


Stainless-steel Pools

Modernity, Resistance and Lightness

Like no other, stainless-steel pools are timeless and have an exceptional aesthetic. Indoors or outdoors, they are light and go well with all atmospheres.


Rooftop Swimming Pools

Trend, Design, Panoramic view

Individual for exceptional accommodation or collective for public establishments, roof pools are privileged spaces. With their remarkable views, they are the pearls of townhouses or buildings.