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Family Swimming Pool

Conviviality, sharing, happiness

Symbol of conviviality and intergenerational fun, the family pool is the privileged place for your joyful and playful summers meetings. Enjoy the pleasure of swimming together with your family. The family pool offers a body of water adapted to everyone’s well-being.

The pool, preferably with a flat bottom where everyone can stand, allows you to swim, jump but also to organize various ball games and aquatic challenges. A submerged part with little depth or a large staircase will constitute the conviviality space. Adults can share moments of relaxation while the little ones can splash in the shallow water.

What are the specificities of the family pool?

A family pool is a well-designed swimming pool which takes into account the desires and needs of your family. The pool is adapted and comfortable for everyone. Your comfort will be guaranteed by a heating, and a well-studied and performed filtration in order to provide you a top notch water quality and temperature. Your children will benefit from well-sized and easy to use comfort and safety equipment such as a shutter.

Finally, an adapted, robust and aesthetic lining and an economical and well-studied led lighting will magnify the work at nightfall. Aquarêve is a member of the national network l’Esprit Piscine and is constantly updating its knowledge. You will then have access to the most recent techniques for the equipment of your pool.

What are the advantages of a family pool?

Give your family a privileged place for games, relaxation and leisure. Enjoy the pleasure of swimming with your family in your family pool.

Your investment will enhance both your property and the “Happiness & Well-being” capital of your loved ones.

Nothing like a family pool to enjoy good family times with your children or grandchildren, and create lasting memories. Over the generations, your pool will be a sustainable investment.

What is the Aquarêve – L’Esprit Piscine approach?

Aquarêve supports you in the creation of your family pool according to your desires and needs. We offer swimming pools suitable for the whole family in terms of security for the little ones or people with reduced mobility, as well as fitting into their surroundings. Aquarêve offers a wide choice of shape, colors, lighting, and curbstone. We are committed to respect good practices and standards as part of our approach to reduce our ecological impact.

Our CSR policy of social engagement also encourages us to work on more adaptability. Do not hesitate to ask us about the possible arrangements for your family pool. We adapt also the accessibility of our pools to our elders or to people with reduced mobility. Our Design Office will be able to offer you the appropriate facilities for young and old individuals to have access to the pleasures of swimming.


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