Infinity Pool

Aesthetics, Purity, Elegance

The infinity pool is a completely or partially inground swimming pool, whose aesthetic relies on the optical effect of the skyline reaching the edge of the swimming pool, making it seem like the water is infinite.

What are the specificities of an infinity pool?

On one side of the swimming pool with a clear view on the horizon, the water overflowing from the main pool is recovered below in a drain trough or in a trough acting as a buffer container. The edges of the pool are often hidden. 

Another specificity of these pools is that they do not have a skimmer. 

You also have a wide choice of coatings to personalize your infinity-edge pool, like for instance natural stone or ceramic.

What are the advantages of an infinity pool?

Infinity within eye-sight.

The overflow guarantees an ideal skimming of the water and ensures a fast evacuation of all plants and dirt on the surface. 

The infinity pool can create a watercourse near the edges, enhancing the elegance of the creation. 

The water overflow is the main asset of the most beautiful swimming pools.

What is the approach of Aquarêve - L’Esprit Piscine?

Aquarêve assists you during the building of your infinity-edge pool, according to your desires and needs. 

We offer tailor-made and secured swimming pools, adapted to all configurations and that blend themselves in their environment. This is made possible thanks to a wide choice of shape, color, lighting, edge. Our creations are in compliance with best practices, current regulations and as part of our approach to reduce our ecological impact.

Discover our creations

You can discover our different infinity-edge pools’ creations: rectangular or free-form swimming pools, with submerged beach, etc. on our website or on l’Esprit Piscine. Let us exchange about your dreampool customized according to your wishes!