Night Pool

And the water becomes light

Pool lighting is an art, it allows your pool to illuminate your exterior!

Aquarêve is an expert in lighting studies for your swimming pool. Our references are numerous, both in individual and collective swimming pools.

We know that a skillfully lighted swimming pool will make the pool take another dimension at night. This phenomenon has fascinated us for several years. Especially since technological developments allow us to widen the field of possibilities for a magical rendering. Extraordinary, subtle, high-tech, amazing, modular … A wide choice of lighting is available to you.

The subtleties of the water light should be entrusted to a professional, who will be able to best advise you on how to enhance your pool.

What are the advantages of an illuminated swimming pool?

The possibilities in terms of lighting are endless: white or color, adjustment of color tones, ambience … Their implementation must be carried out by professional technicians. Aquarêve staff are trained in the different products on the market and their specificities.

During the day, the swimming pool is a place for swimming, conviviality and moments of shared happiness. At night, this same pool is adorned with “magic”.

Beautiful by day, resplendent at night: we attach great importance to the way your pool will light up your evenings. Soft lighting, for example, will accompany your soft evenings.

Do you want a more festive atmosphere? The lighting of the swimming pool will be festive with colorful and bright scenarios.

What is Aquarêve's approach?

Aquarêve allows you to illuminate your pool beautifully and simply. Thanks to home automation, you can create the light atmospheres of your choice “with fingertips” using your smartphone.

Thanks to Led technologies, the lighting of the swimming pool will consume little energy. These technologies provide bright, elegant and economical lighting. Thus, your swimming pool will be able to shine without jeopardizing the planet. We know how to advise you towards an eco-responsible management of your equipment.