Stainless-steel swimming pool

Modernity, resistance and lightness

In an avant-garde and contemporary style, the stainless-steel swimming pool is a new way of life, between pleasure and perfection, where all your senses are awakened. With its clean lines and its oscillating reflections between silver and emerald, the stainless-steel swimming pool is modern and exceptional and will blend very well in your environment.

What are the specificities of a stainless-steel swimming pool?

Tailor-made according to your desires, needs and criteria, the stainless-steel swimming pool has a self-supporting waterproof structure entirely made of stainless steel. 

It can be made in all dimensions, can be welded in the factory or directly on site. 

The stainless-steel swimming pool can be a skimmer or an infinity and mirror pool. It can be buried or above ground and have a movable bottom or a transparent wall. 

The stainless-steel swimming pool can also be fitted with a safety swimming poll roller shutter and integrate multiple equipment for aquatic activities: whirlpool, waterfalls, counter-current swimming, massages, etc. Many Thalasso centers have chosen it in part for these reasons.

What are the advantages?

In addition to be an ecological and responsible alloy, stainless-steel will match perfectly with other sustainable materials such as wood or stone.

As a resistant, timeless, flexible, and light structure, the stainless-steel is an ideal material and allows achievements of all sizes in all places.

The color of the water in a stainless-steel swimming pool is absolutely unique

Because everything is tailor-made in the factory, production times are reduced and there is no drying time constraint. 

The stainless-steel pool is designed to last for decades.

What is the approach of Aquarêve – L’Esprit Piscine?

The stainless-steel swimming pool remains a relatively rare exceptional product. To allow us to offer it to individuals, we regularly rely on the expertise of L’Esprit Piscine and its many highly qualified and experienced technicians.

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